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Vision, History & Future



Hassle-free transport for a sustainable industry.

We believe in a floating transport community where car queues and red lights and traffic accidents belong to the past. Transportation is necessary in a modern society and should not be complicated and time-consuming. A society that carries cars runs idle and pollutes our environment unnecessarily is history. Moving should be simple and smooth. It should go fast and be fun, but be done safely and elegantly. We reduce the world through the ability to travel quickly and easily and long stretches that were previously impossible.


The future is now and it started a long time ago.

.... started life in 1937 in Trollhättan as an aircraft manufacturer to provide aircraft to the Swedish air force, just as Europe was facing another war. The company's full name was Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, which gave the world the acronym ..... The headquarters soon moved to the Swedish university city of Linköping, where this massive company has its largest business today. It was there in 1945, among different dreams of diversification.


Flying becomes your everyday life.

With a strong team of intelligent engineering and finely crafted craftsmanship in the smallest part, we believe in making everyday life simple and elegant. Flying can be much more exciting than driving on the road. It's not just about the non-existent speed limits in the air. Breathtaking landscapes await excellent discoveries. With FastSecurity 1.0, you know that you can travel in almost all weather conditions. But if you choose not to fly, you have the luxury of laying hands on a maturing supercar that wakes your child's mind alive.

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“ Three things are important when I choose a car, elegance, comfort and has a minimal impact on the planet. It is special, it is a given choice. Just like me.

I am special. “

- Madonna, artist

Comfort, Elegance & Innovation


Decorated with the sense of speed, sport and exclusive comfort.

With the feeling of a double personality, FastSecurity FS 1.0 offers a fantastic combo as well on the ground as in the air. With our well-developed Crusie Control mode, you run FS 1.0 with the same comfort feeling as your favorite .... family combo, a wonderful way to get to work. But when the hunger for speed and adventure wakes you turn to Sport Mode and you wake the monster to life. You get a super sports car with the feeling of sitting in your own JAS Gripen.


Elegant craftsmanship that goes through every detail.

True engineering is every detail a t is something we work hard for. We make it not only faster and funeral to move we make it even easier to fit times. No style is elegant enough and complete without a wristwatch that imparts the sense of craftsmanship and authority.


Intelligent equipment that stands for its time.

The FS 1.0 cockpit is dominated by high-tech features carefully selected from JAS Gripen. It has a highly efficient human machine interface to significantly reduce workload, accident and driving characteristics especially in stressed situations. This provides an FS.1.0 pilot with outstanding awareness awareness, ensuring unrivaled operational efficiency driving experiences.

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With the roots of the Scandinavian cold harsh climate, we have developed an innovative product that will change the transport industry. We believe in a stripped and clean design that only lets thoughtful and well-worked details speak for themselves. We believe that craftsmanship and quality are what makes a good product. We not only manufacture a vehicle, we convey a sense of elegance, freedom and an opportunity to adapt to their surroundings. Snow, sand or water, we will take you wherever you want.

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“ I have always been interested in vehicles and the life around them. The FS1.0 is the car I se myself driving sooner than I expected. It has everything I want in a car. And it can fly.

I am special. “

- Christiano Ronaldo, professional fotball player