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Hello my name is Fredrik. This is my homepage. On this page you will find find links, downloads, portfolios and other resources. I´m a web developer and you can se some of my work on the portfolio tab.
Portfolio: This page will get updated quite frequently with personal projects and schoolwork. Don't forget to check this page once in awhile for updates.
Tutorials: Self written tutorials in blogformat. I usaly build my videos around those when I create a videos on YouTube. My tutorials are from personal projects that I find have been succesful and therefor want to share with more people.
Downloads: Download files that I have put together. Here you will find maps, scripts and more. I will try to update this page quite frequently. Keep an eye out for changes.
Donate: If you like some tutorials, downloads or projects in the portfolio you can support my work by clicking donate, Donation are never required but they are always very much appreciated. Link here: Donate through paypal
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I have a graduation in network technology and I also like games/software, Linux and hardware.
This banner picture shall represent some of that...
Repositories: I have a page on Github, were I store code for my latest projects both from school and personal ones. Check it out here: github.com/freddan88
Questions or suggestions for improvements ?
Please do not hesitate to contact me